Pilates for kids is suitable for ages 3 to teens, as children are divided up into the appropriate age or ability level. We use all sorts of equipment including balls, both big and small, bands and balance pads to challenge, add variety, and make exercise fun!

I am a paediatric Physiotherapist, with many years NHS experience as well as a pilates teacher (APPI) so am well placed to help all groups of children including those with special needs. I can also offer one to one consultations for your child if they have more complex needs.

Pilates is great for promoting the following skills:

1. Balance and co-ordination.

2. Body and spatial awareness which may help children who have motor planning issues /dyspraxia.

3. Listening skills and concentration.

4. Muscular strength and endurance, particularly helpful if your child is hypermobile (very flexible joints)

5. Flexibility, but at the same time improvement in postural control and core strength.

6. Overall sporting performance in sports such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, tennis and football, where all of the above skills are essential.

The classes currently run on alternate Saturday mornings, term time only.

Ages 3-5 will be starting on the 12th of May 2014.

Please visit the Facebook page ‘children’s pilates in Canterbury’,

To contact Sarah directly please use the following

Tel: 07971886565 or

Email: sarahparker1609@yahoo.com