Pilates for kids is suitable for ages 3 to teens, as children are divided up into the appropriate age or ability level. We use all sorts of equipment including balls, both big and small, bands and balance pads to challenge, add variety, and make exercise fun!

    I am a paediatric Physiotherapist, with many years NHS experience as well as a pilates teacher (APPI) so am well placed to help all groups of children including those with special needs. I can also offer one to one consultations for your child if they have more complex needs.

    Pilates is great for promoting the following skills:

    1. Balance and co-ordination.

    2. Body and spatial awareness which may help children who have motor planning issues /dyspraxia.

    3. Listening skills and concentration.

    4. Muscular strength and endurance, particularly helpful if your child is hypermobile (very flexible joints)

    5. Flexibility, but at the same time improvement in postural control and core strength.

    6. Overall sporting performance in sports such as swimming, gymnastics, dance, tennis and football, where all of the above skills are essential.

    The classes currently run on alternate Saturday mornings, term time only.

    Ages 3-5 will be starting on the 12th of May 2014.

    Please visit the Facebook page ‘children’s pilates in Canterbury’,

    To contact Sarah directly please use the following

    Tel: 07971886565 or

    Email: sarahparker1609@yahoo.com

    • Sarah Gurr

      Sarah Gurr

      Sarah Gurr holds a BSc honours in physiotherapy (Wits) and is also a Mat work qualified Pilates teacher, qualifying with the APPI in 2005.

      Sarah is also a paediatric physiotherapist, now working in private practice. She is particularly interested in promoting back care awareness, children’s pilates as well as ante and post natal pilates.

      Her qualification as a physiotherapist puts her in a great position to deliver safe and effective exercise to these group.




    Matwork classes typically cater for 10 or 11 clients, and are run on a half-termly basis. They are particularly suitable you if you are happy to work as part of a group and need general strength, flexibility and fitness work. They are not suitable if you have any long-standing injuries, unless you have been given approval by your health practitioner.

    As far as possible we try to run our classes according to ability. These are generally thus:

    _DSC9043MAT I. Price per session £12. Sold as a course.

    Never done any Pilates before or returning to exercise after a long break. Focus is on basic technique and mastering fundamentals such as breathing, core activation and alignment.

    MAT II. Price per session £12. Sold as a course.

    Moving on to more challenging exercises and incorporating some of the classic exercises. Expect to use small equipment such as Stability Balls and Foam Rollers to add variety and dynamic.

    MAT III. Price per session £12. Sold as a course.

    A faster paced class incorporating most of the classic Pilates exercises. Not suitable for any current injuries, or back pain sufferers.

    These classes are also available:

    • Osteoporosis. Carefully selected exercises designed to challenge balance, maintain strength and flexibility within the ‘boundaries’ of safe exercise.
    • Pilates For Kids – click here for more information



    Group reformer classes are extremely popular! Expect to feel energised as we guide you through an hour of fun and challenging exercise on your own Reformer. The machine has 5 springs which offer resistance and support in a variety of positions and the repertoire is huge allowing for a great range of exercises at all levels.

    _DSC9670You will be setting the spring tension yourself under the guidance of the teacher, thus enabling you to work at your own level.

    All Reformer Classes incorporate the use of the Jumpboard to add variety, co-ordinational challenge and most importantly some Cardio work.

    These classes are suitable for all levels but an ‘Introduction To The Reformer’ class must be taken in advance.

    Price per session £18. Sold as a course.



    These sessions are designed so you can work towards your own specific goal, in a more personalised environment.

    Using the some of the original Pilates equipment such as the Cadillac, the Reformer and the Wunda Chair we can guide you through a sequence of exercises designed to improve strength, flexibility and function.

    Each session lasts one hour and is usually taught on a 1:3 basis.

    These sessions are suitable for:


    _DSC9123– General fitness
    – Rehabilitation from injury
    – Sports specificity
    – Pregnancy
    – Back Pain

    To enrol in a Studio Session it is usually necessary to complete at least two private studio sessions first to familiarise yourself with the equipment and to enable us to assess your movements and help you set your goals.



    Please contact us for a private session.

    A private mat session is necessary if you are being referred to Pilates by your Dr, Physio or Osteopath. We can use this time to assess your posture and movement and teach you some of the basic exercises which you will encounter if you join a beginners’ class, or which could be beneficial to your condition.

    You can also choose to book a private session if you are:

    • Returning to exercise after a long break
    • Pregnant or post-natal
    • Recovering from injury

    These sessions are also popular for clients who cannot commit to a regular class and need the flexibility to book when they wish.



    This class will take place on alternate Saturday mornings at 11:00 and 11:45 will be taught by Sarah Gurr.  If you know anybody who might like to join please email Sarah.