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Nature often chooses a hexagon, the power of six, for things which require strength, integrity and efficiency.

Taking its inspiration from this, Hexology is a newly developed movement and wellness brand created by Lucy Wintle of Canterbury Pilates. Our aim is to educate you; to inspire you to create a future for yourself where your strength, fitness and wellbeing take centre stage.

The exclusive Hexology method is something you need in your life. Carefully researched and made accessible to all with a focus on forward thinking so you can enjoy a healthy and fit future.

– Absorb the teaching
– Learn the exercises
– Listen to your body
– See the results
– Feel the benefits
– Love your future health & fitness

At the heart of the method are
six fundamental elements:


Does your posture define you? Does your posture age you?

What simple steps can you take through using the Pilates method to promote a healthy spine, pelvic stability along with a fluid and integrated musculo-skeletal system.

Using our extensive range of top quality Pilates equipment we will design a unique exercise experience that combines dynamic strength & stability, along with flexibility. All tailored to your individual needs so you can walk tall into your future.

Cardiovascular Health

Better for your heart, better for your brain!

The benefits of cardiovascular health are massive. To quote the Chief Medical Officer “if physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat”.

Currently we are advised to do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week. This needs to make you out of breath and sweat. There are added benefits to this type of exercise – it is associated with cell growth in the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning (the hippocampus).

So improving your cardio health is a win win situation. Better for your heart and better for your brain. In the studio we will be using our Concept 2 rowing machine and/or our exercise bike to give you that cardio input that you may be missing.

Muscle Mass

Stay strong, live long.

Muscle mass (MM) starts to decline after the age of 50 and the sad fact is that once you lose those muscle fibres they are gone forever, unfortunately turning to scar tissue and fat.

We will be using our MM workout that focuses on challenging all the big muscle groups of the body in a short and intense routine, lasting approximately 15 minutes. We will teach you this routine which should then be performed 2 to 3 times per week (at home).

You will have access to this routine in the Hexology online library to make it easy to follow. Equipment required for this can be hired from the studio:

  • Small step
  • Resistance tubing or stretch thera-band
  • Arm weights or kettlebell

Bone Matters

Impact & load, repair and regenerate.

Bone mineral density declines with age and in particular for post-menopausal women. Our ‘osteo’ workout will promote bone strength through impact and load in a guided and safe manner.

Bones respond to impact and load to constantly repair and regenerate, and our ‘osteo’ routine incorporates these to have a positive impact on BMD (bone mineral density). In a typical ‘osteo’ workout you can expect to jump, skip, squat, stamp AND use our Power Plate.

Those clients who already have Osteoporosis will have a tailor-made programme to address their strengths and weaknesses.

Feet First & Balance

Your future is in your balance.

The fitness industry is slowly waking up to the fact that we need to pay more attention to our feet.

Many years have been spent focusing on core stability lying on a mat, but problems often occur when core exercises are performed in a standing position. The main reason for this is because the foot is weak and cannot function adequately to support the structure that sits on top of it.

In the studio we have a dedicated ‘Balance’ area with specialist equipment and matting which will promote strength and sensory awareness from the ground up.

Specific foot exercises can be followed at home via the Hexology online library to build up foot and ankle functional strength and stability to promote better movement and posture.


Nurturing from the inside out.

  • What do you do to promote your wellbeing as opposed to your fitness?
  • How does your approach to nutrition stack up?
  • How can you boost your lymphatic system and therefore your immunity?
  • Are you seeking to lose weight?
  • What are the benefits of hot and cold showers?
  • Do you spend time focusing on your breathing?
  • What does dry skin brushing do?
  • Can you learn to nurture your body and soul just a little bit more and become more focused on what your body needs?

We will be running workshops and sending you regular Newsletters bring current trends to you.

The exclusive Hexology method will integrate the above six disciplines into a cohesive programme to educate you and provide you with tailor-made exercises to personally help guide you to a stronger future.

Private Session £75.00

Duet Session £80.00 (£40 per person)

Hexology Class £18.00

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